Thursday, January 27, 2005

When Customers Talk

When Customers TalkShoppers appear more motivated to shop with a commercial which is perceived as useful and valuable information. Moreover, when looking at the part/whole relationship of the commercial there are some other surprising results.

In the commercials presented by Target (41.7/61.6), Wal-Mart (29.8/50.4), Best Buy (46.1/50.1), and JC Penney (38.9/41.9), the highest score was on “the message presented is engaging to me, and the message presented made me think of gifts for family and friends,” but did not rate a high score on the motivation to shop. Regarding the aesthetic elements, the commercials from Target (43.0/52.3), Wal-Mart (37.5/39.9), Best Buy (43.0/40.1) and JC Penney (38.9/46.0) were rated consistently high. The “activity” in these commercials, and the “whole” commercial were rated very high. Whereas “pace” was the key element for the useful and valuable to me (Kohls [49.1] and Sears [46.1]).

Across the board “printed images in T.V. commercials were rated at the bottom of aesthetic elements. We continue to present a holistic integration of advertising, with simultaneous media usage, tied to consumer socio-economic retail behaviors by channel and spend.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

When Customers Talk

When Customers TalkThe customer… well if you believe what the American Marketing Association says, they’re the center of their new definition of Marketing, if you believe P & G, the customer is boss. Then why is it the customer is the last to know about Retailers new productivity initiatives? Probably because most retail organizations are focused on logistics and the supply side not the demand side.
Let’s face it the “customer is always right” is something from a retail fable over 50 years old. Today’s customer is looked at as a number on a spreadsheet or a data point in a transaction file that has all kinds of erroneous information attached to it. Most of what is masquerading as customer insights is data processing. Software, credit card files, and technology have become surrogates for the customer in today’s consumer insight world. Rarely is a customer asked to give an opinion. Why bother talking to the “unwashed masses” when you have fabricated data to soothe your marketing conscience. Today’s retailer has more customer insight data than ever before but less knowledge about their customers.
Well here’s one blog where you can get real insights that come straight from the mouths, minds and hearts or a retailers most valuable asset their… their customers.
Come on in, join the fun, give your opinion, and share your knowledge while you also get the latest insight from the biggest and longest running survey of consumers, the BIGresearch Consumer Intentions and Action survey (CIA) and from the book written from over 100,000 consumers interviews When Customers Talk by T. Scott Gross and BIGresearch.

Monday, January 03, 2005

BIGresearch Video Briefing

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